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A Moment of Panic

by valleyvogue , January 23, 2010—12:00 AM

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Making a hole in a handwoven is truly a terrifying endeavor. Making a hole in another person's weaving gives a moment of shear panic. In order to mend this beautiful rug, that is what I had to do. I could almost hear Katerina say, "I hope you know what you are doing." I nodded in agreement.

Mending a hole is a handwoven is not easy. In order to do the best job, one has to recreate the warp and weft that no longer exists. After the hole was cut, I began creating the warp by weaving in many strands of wool side by side leaving tails on each end to pull and tug to mirror the tension of the loom.

Next, I wove in the weft in exactly the same manner as the warp. The tricky thing was to match the 80 year old threads as best as possible. I found some hand dyed wool I had made that came close. Any knitter or weaver can tell you that an exact match would be impossible.

When finished, I clipped the ends and finally let out a breath of relief. I did know what I was doing. That was the easy hole. My next project is the hole that has a more complex pattern. Hope Katerina has confidence in me now.



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