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Valley Vogue Collections Art Blog

Our Restoration Project

by valleyvogue , January 21, 2010—12:00 AM

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Fran and I settled down to attacking this project. Scotch tape outlines our areas of concentration. Both of us are thrilled to have a quiet studio and good company after leaving a class filled with bickerers. Our fifth graders seem to be experts at the art of arguing. Fortunately, Fran and I know how to behave.

We thrilled to work on a rug woven with such hope and love so far away both in time and distance. We pulled out our needles and went to work. We found ourselves discussing how the colors seemed so different. All were hand dyed. Black is so hard to dye. We wondered if it wasn't dyed but came from black sheep.

Sewing in companionable silence, I wondered what we lost with the changes through the years. How many of us have the privilege of doing what we want and with whom we want? How many of us have or make the time to pass the time away wondering where Bulgaria is or how many women may have once sat around the very same rug we were sewing? One thing I was sure of was that no matter how many things have changed, there were still ten year old boys that probably bickered then as well now.

(Corrections from the last blog: The original owner was Katerina not Katrina. Katerina is the second woman from the right and our customer, Regina, is the third woman on the right.)



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