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Valley Vogue Collections Art Blog

Featherlight Shrinkart Jewelry

by valleyvogue , June 25, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: artists, designing, handwoven, jacket, wearable art, weaving

Valley Vogue created a line of featherlight shrinkart jewelry to enhance their handwovens and delicate textile products. At first, it was the weight of the finished product that attracted us to explore this medium. Now, it is the shear artistry that invites eternal exploration.

Shrinkart accepts the challenge of the imagination as it can look like metal, leather, textured fabrics etc. Colors explode the possibilities as does its ability to accept computer generated graphics and textured stamps.

Valley Vogue shrinkartist, Fran Nowak, has been working in this medium for the past four years. She loves to discuss commissioned pieces whether it be for earrings, pins, buttons or mobiles. Call her and set your imagination in motion.



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