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To market, to market

by valleyvogue , August 17, 2008—10:10 AM

Topics: Selling, customers, fairs, market, pricing, shows

In the continuing venture from education to the arts, Valley Vogue is going more in-depth in marketing and sales. It keeps us alive by paying rent, the loan, supplies, equipment, gas... Needless to say, it determines whether we can be or not. We have submitted for exhibits and galleries, sold at local shows and craft fairs, bit the bullet and travelled to reach a greater audience, created our own website, ordered umpteen business cards and postcards, created sales books and even hired on our husbands as sales reps and procurement agents. Lucky us, we are still in business, not in debt (except for the small loan) and have a quarter of this month's rent in the bank. Now to find time for the art.

We recently were invited to an open house by way of our postings on Etsy. A young artist and her husband are working with a local contractor and land owner to convert a huge building in Lenox, Massachusetts to accommodate artists in an open market atmosphere. It is ambitious to say the least and fraught with many snags. Artists working with bottom line people? Could be quite a challenge.

In the little time we have known them, we are impressed. They are smart, earnest and willing to work very hard. They, too, know the fair and show quirks by past experience and are determined to create a place that any artist would want to come and hang their hat.

Think about it, a market for art in an area that supports it, a open air market with three enclosed sides to prevent the weather from ruining the day, corner spots for everyone, electricity at every spot, and the ability to sign up for only the days that are desired. This is just the beginning. From our point of view, anything that we can do to help them will just come back to benefit us all.

Like it or not, we may be just starting out in our small art business but we are not new to this world. We have met many people and done many things in our youth and want to spend as much of our remaining productive years in a place that makes us feel the most true to ourselves - art, design and creativity. Marketing is an essential part of what we need to do to make this a reality. It is also what saps our energy and drains our time. I appreciate young people that take the risk to help make that easier for us all.

Kudos to Marcia and Brandon of the Berkshire Open Market.




  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

08/18/2008 * 11:26:09

Excellent blog!! We'd love it if you would continue to write about marketing and your business progress. This is such valuable information for everyone.
You guys rock!

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