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Valerie Lennon Art Blog

Happy Holidays

by valerielennon , December 19, 2011—12:21 PM

Topics: Dancing art, dance painting

Season__™s greetings and best wishes for a New Year of happiness in a world of peace.

At this time of year, there are so many things to be thankful for. I__™m especially thankful for your friendship and support through the year.

As you enjoy holiday parties, hosting family members at your home or sharing gifts, I would like to encourage you to support locally-owned business for any of your gift, food or service needs.

There are many benefits to our communities and to consumers who choose to support local, independently owned businesses.

You will enjoy the following benefits of buying local:

You will help reduce the environmental impact You will assist in creating more local jobs You will get better service, food and products There are many more benefits of buying local and hope you consider buying local when considering future purchases.

If you are looking for a one of a kind gift, please feel free to browse my artwork for special art pieces. If there is a specific painting that you are looking for I will be happy to discuss with you commissioned work options. Feel free to contact me to learn more>>

Wishing you a full year of happiness and success!

Valerie Lennon



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