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Valerie Lennon Art Blog

I am inspired by…

by valerielennon , November 8, 2011—01:01 PM

Topics: dance, inspiration, landscape art

I was recently asked, ___What inspires you?___ I am inspired by a montage of people, places and things. My inspiration comes from my life, my experiences and my passion for painting.

I am inspired by___

-My mentor and teacher from Atlanta, Ouida Canaday. She was a great teacher, and to this day I think about her words. --A beautiful landscape. My experience painting outdoors in Maine for about 12 years. -Dancers, both men and women. Ballet, Tango, party dancing. Growing up, I danced ballet and modern dance. -My experiences traveling all over the world. -Over 20 years of painting has culminated in series of images that dance through my head and ultimately land on the canvas for the world to enjoy.



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