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Ursula Decay Ursula Decay | Paintings

His Infernal Majesty
  • His Infernal Majesty
  • Drawing Portraits | 11" x 17"
  • Photoshop CS3
  • portrait of lead singer of finnish love metal band H.I.M , Ville valo painted in photoshop CS3 11x17 watercolor paper print
  • View Details | $20.00 Purchase

Reservations made for two
  • Reservations made for two
  • Oil Painting | 24" x 30"
  • oil painting based on The Birthday Massacre song "Blue"

Je Veux Ton Amour
  • Je Veux Ton Amour
  • Oil Painting | 15" x 22"
  • painting of pop icon lady gaga done in oils and framed a play on the lyric "i want your love love love" from her song "bad romance"
  • View Details | $180.00 Purchase