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by UniquelyHannah , February 1, 2011—09:53 PM

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After our amaryllis had bloomed this year, I took it out of the water vase and studied the roots. I was instantly inspired and went into the art studio to paint in response to the beauty of the bulb. I did four interpretive paintings: one in black and gold inks; one on cold-pressed watercolor paper with watercolor crayons; one with acrylic resist over which I painted and then collaged with batiked eggshell; and this image--a quick painting on hot-pressed paper with watercolor crayons. I have all of the images hanging in the studio so that I can study them, delight in them and allow my heart to fill with gratitude for the inspiration that came through an amaryllis bulb. Isn't it curious to imagine that each person is set into artistic/creative motion by a vast array of images or events? Hannah





01/10/2014 * 06:40:38

Isn't it funny that the least attractive part of the plant, the root, in the dirt, is the most vital part.

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