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Jonathan Djulvezan Art Blog

Obama the 44th

by unbounddreams , November 6, 2008—12:00 AM

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Whether you agree with the politics or not, whether you voted for him or not, whether you care about politics or not, this was a historic moments in United States history.

After the election I simply picked up the canvas I had ready, an oval canvas at that, and start to just paint on it. I knew I wanted a portrait on it and I wanted it profile. That was it. Barely any reference, but plenty of emotion and energy. It was something I had to just get out of my system right there and then.

I like to do more "realism" aimed painting, but this one wasn't about that. It wasn't about the perfect lighting or angle. It wasn't about the perfect features or studies in charcoal. This was about putting my skills to test, but with the pressure of emotion and being caught in the moment of something historic.

Some may choose to write in their journal or save the newspaper of that day or collect magazines of the moment. I chose to go directly to my ready canvases and just pick it up and paint. It was something out of the ordinary for me, but very gratifying in the end.

I plan on doing some charcoal studies for fun or perhaps to "prepare" for that "realism" protrait perhaps, but for today this was emotion for celebrated history.





  Betsy Davison ( homepage )

11/07/2008 * 12:46:27

Fantastic, Jon! Well done. The emotion of electing our first African-American president has been felt around the globe. It brought tears to my eyes as I watched a man transcend race, religion and the color of his skin to become our next leader....and follow I will! How fitting you picked up your brush and let the emotion and excitement of the day fill your canvas. Thanks for sharing...

Elizabeth A. Davison,
President, ArtId

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