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Attitude towards life and art appreciation (part 3)

by tszmei , March 23, 2011—09:56 PM

Topics: to enjoy the pleasure…

Another artpiece being shown does not employ scenes from common life as decorative subject. Therefore to appreciate this kind of art object ,we could not find the analogue in our experience,for it was not designed for a delightful visual experience. It is a kind of imposing manner of kingliness,a special augustness of Chinese nation,manifesting the latent aweinspiring power.This art object is named as ___Blue-and-white Goblet with Patterns of Animal Face___. Porcelain goblets began to appear in Yuan Dynasty(1271-1368)and prevailed in the reign of Kangxi (1662-1722) of Qing dynasty(1644-1911).The vessel has also been known as ___Phoenix-tail Zun___,because of the outwardly everting mouth.The flared mouch catches our attentions immediately and the two energetic arcs stretching out to form the mouth enhanced its upstanding stateliness.

Comparing the goblet with the ___Stone standing figure of Sakyamuni___,we could feel that they both are invested with an air of determent.The head of Sakyamuni is missing. The kasaya mantle falls down the body in a series of pleats.U-shaped on the figure__™s right,vertical on the left.The inner robe closes on the right,its pleated hem visible above the bare feet.The suppleness of the raiment shows the well-proportional,somewhat attenuated body beneath.However,the broad shoulders with straight posture let our glances move upward,establishing a leitmotif of soaring aspiration which is the perceivable mana carrying the standing figure beyoud worldly bounds.When our eyes move downward,we would surprisingly find that the body underneath the drapery is not of human flesh and blood; it is the incarnation with supernatural power.Looking at the standing unsophisticated and sedate goblet,we can feel that the same kind of supernatual power is lying and would be wielded any time. Therefore on the swelling abdomen of the goblet is decorated with patterns of animal faces imitating those on ancient copperwares.This portrayed mythical beast is a symbol of pristine mana.These two art pieces are present in all their majesties which should reach beyond our daily experience.From these examples, we could understand that the construct of an valuable artpiece is very conscientious and careful;otherwise,what is the difference of the artistic porcelains and the mass production of household utensils?

It is said that ___a porcelain living to everlasting longevity,hundred dynasties withered away successively.___ Therefore it is ridiculous to use our short life span to measure the existing values of the geniune works of arts.It is also said that there would come the healing effects to get rid of our deseases and keep us to live as long as we can by our genuine admirations of arts.It is because we are communicating with the late talented creators of the art objects while we are appreciating their works.The late artists had wholeheartly exerted all their strength and had dedicated their lives and emotions to make something towards perfection.If we use the same efforts to cultivate our bodies and minds that we ourselves could achieve something equal to the quality of an art object for ourselves.Then the inner virtue could dispel our gloomy mood and restrain our self-indulgence,and then we could live longer for we are much healthier physically and mentally.

Or maybe by looking at these esquisite art treasures,we should contemplate why the the artists make so much efforts to make these products.What are their germinal motives for creative inventions?All great artists have the hearts of children for they enjoy the courses of creations ,without utilitarian purposes,but play this creative game seriously; that are just like the children who find that playing with muds is fun,isn__™t it?Both children and artists could enjoy the pleasure of doing for nothing. Therefore appreciation could bring us great joys or enlightenment which is of no practical use.However,the long-term benefits are so enormous and that the short- sighted persons could not see it clearly.[THE END]



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