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Attitude towards life and art appreciation (part 2)

by tszmei , March 23, 2011—09:52 PM

Topics: breathed a living soul…

An veteran artist is affectionate to the source materials which was fondled by his own hands to construct the lively image,no matter what type of arts the artist engages himself in.The source materials seem to work mojo on the artist and let him can envisage what lively object would be born in the future.One morning in Beijing,the snowfall just stopped,and I was taking a walk with a ceramist along the snow covered path.At that time,she suddenly cried out excitedly ___ O earth!___ as it turned out that there was a small plot of particularly eye-catching mud exposing itself in the midst of the overall snow white color.Mud alone is already a very interesting thing.Could we remember that when we were kids,just playing mud with the simple tools of plastic buckets,plastic shovels was something so exuberant and we were fully content to knead and mold our images with our small hands all day long?

In fact, ___China___ as the English translated term of ___中國___ originated from the playing with soils.Our ancestors in the darkness of humanity,fascinated with the magical transformation of soils, for the soils mixed up with water,then being burnt by fire and then after the mixture had gone through the chemical action,which could turn into something new and became useful utensils .It was a tremendous discovery! After such surprising achievement,they invested all their enthusiasm and wisdom to try all the possibilities to continue to attain excellence. Such exploratory attitude carrying on from generation to generation,with the unremitting efforts,both mental and physical,the extraordinary cultural tendencies of Chinese people fulfilled a kind of supreme creation and such success of material civilization conquered the hearts of the whole world.The being stunned world used ___China___ as a respectful form of address to name our country.The meaning of it is ___porcelain country___.To take possession of fame and prestige was not the purpose of our ancestors to take up the hardships of exploration. Their dedications just simply aim to evolve another kind of life form with soils and eventually the outcome was unexpected.With all the conscious and unconscious willpowers,our ancestors breathed a living soul into the body of clay and let it became a part of a nation.

We could sense the individual dispositions or temperaments of the valuable porcelain if we view it as having flesh and blood of its own. From appraising the following workpieces, we could take the cognizance of how unique is the styles.Viewing the vase decorated with patterns of lotuses, we can feel the graceful rhythms of the curvy contours which is well-rounded in form and seems to be full of springiness.As to respond to the vitality of form and structure,the artist put the most brisk scene of nature to the layout of the vase.From the scene we can see that it is the high summer,and twists and turns of the lotus leaves ,the popple of waves, the sinuous lines of the flowers are so curvaceous,that they all echo with the elegant demeanor of the vase. As an integral, it gives us an impression of attractive pretty. Such gaily feeling also could be aroused by veiwing the painted pottery figure of a woman with a waist drum.The figure has a plump face.Her hair is styled in double buns.She wears a half-sleeved coat and a long skit with alternating red and white stripes.In a kneeling posture,the woman has a waist drum,as if playing in accompaniment.Such cute figure of Tong dynasty(618-907) yielding the pleasant mood as that of the vase is also good to see.

The rounded belly of that pear-shaped vase,the horizontally placed drum on the lap of the figure, both attract our attention towards their lower part and induce the quiet and comfortable feelings in us. However,we would not overlook the slanting shoulder, narrow neck and the everted mouthrim which may be seen as a series of gradually flux of the symmetrical glaceful curvilineal form.It is because the two lotus flowers extended upward just as the high pitch of a melody is attention-getting.The dainty countenance and the double buns of the lady also capture our attention and let us not to miss the delicate beauty of the upper part.The design of a blossomy pond with superb techniques in subtle and lyrical colour tone seem to resonate with the sweet music played by the lovely lady.They both convey the amiable,pleasant charm that of the same rhyme to let us have the feelings of briskness and refreshment.



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