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Attitude towards life and art appreciation (part 1)

by tszmei , March 23, 2011—09:45 PM

Topics: the fleeting existence…

Arts rarely can be placed in the core of most people__™s life. When we feel the necessity of beautifying our appearances, glorifying our living places,then we would seek for the artistic ways which are well suited to our needs, and at this moment we would be considering things in an aesthetic way. After such practical purpose was fulfilled, we continue the routine works day in day out,and forgot what we had earnestly quested for making our life much more beautiful.Maybe only the exorbitant price of an artwork could urge us to have a look of it to find out why the price of a picture could be such stiff. It is the same we wonder how could the price of Van Gogh__™s Sunflower be surprisingly high when we can spend some money to buy a bunch of sunflowers to decorate our living rooms.Whenever we consider art just as something may or may not be needed in our daily livings then we could never understand arts.

The authentic arts will not die away as time goes by; the life of arts is longer than the mortals. Therefore as long as the human society is existing,the life of a ture valuable piece will be preserved.Many people have been lamented over the transience of life since long long time ago.We can do nothing of the final stage of life,but the talented artist could turn his own physical life into the form of artistic life,to become eternal.No matter whether he is a an skilled craftsman or a dexterous painter, only that he knows how to deplete his capacity and wisom in the right channel.Therefore the reason why the true arts is a treasure of priceless worth,is that it is the fleeting existence being eternalized.

Arts really has soul in itself.The prominent ___Mona Lisa___ still captivates us whenever we look at her.We seem to be enveloped in her mysterious willpower. We are doubtful about ourselves by her unfathomable smile,for she seems to be mocking at us with the slightest sadness at the corners of her mouth. To witness such duende of a painting is unbelievable and how can an artist infuse spirit in the inert oil paint?The time for a painting being rendered to perfection by Da Vinci needed years;therefore all his masterpieces were his long-drawn-out hard working outcome. A contemporary of Da Vici had witnessed the process of the creation of ___The Last Supper___and what he had said could let us know how an arduous task Da Vici was tackling everyday to fulfil a commitment which he continued to do for years.It was said that during the prolonged depicting progression,Da Vici needed to climb up to a platform to begin his daily routine works.On the platform,holding his arms,Da Vinci scrutinized his project fastidiously almost all day long,and then after serious deliberation,he put serveral strokes on it.Therefore the task of an ingenious artist is much more complicated and niggling than the ordinary people have to deal with in everythday lives.It is because the birth of a new life in an art form needs the meticulos care of incubation, preoccupation and preciseness.



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