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The Sound of Stone (part 3 )

by tszmei , February 14, 2011—03:08 AM

Topics: ringing tune of jade…, self-disciplined person

(Part 3 : Sound to dissipate delusions)

How can the jade gives out sound?From the picture we can see a tiger-shaped jade ornament which is a late Spring and Autum antique(770BC-476BC).The tiger was rendered side view couchant pose,and has developed some relief in this two-dimensional form.The scratched-in lines echoed with the undulating soft contour of the upper part are the displays of the restful rhythms,whereas the gathering of momentums to spring out are accented at the forcely curled claws,strongly rolled up thick tail and the intentionally prostrated head.The flat jade ornament conceived the tiger in two object dimensions makes it possible for the sculptor to concentrate at a particular moment upon a closed partial composition,which lends itself to a true-to-life and vivid cultural artifact. This tiger- shaped jade was designed to string up other jade fittings to wear as we can see there are small apertures at the mouth,back and tail for other strings of jades to pierce through. Some other unearthed jade wearing had much more little apertures in them. Therefore the sound of jade comes from the jogs of the hanging strings of jades.

Far back in Chinese history,all gentlemen had to wear such kind of jade units at their waists.It was not only the symbol of a person of noble character and integrity,but also served as the command of his measured steps and proper paces by it__™s clanging sound while the gentleman was walking.There were five musical scales in ancient times,and the harmony clanging sound of jade unit was managed by the movement of the gentleman who had to mind his walking speed and manner. In general, the body leaned slightly forward like the posture of salutation while one was moving ahead;stepping back, one should leant back a little;when one turned back,the paces should be composed as a smooth circular route,while walking a roundabout route,one should move his steps as angular track. Only abiding by the corresponding steps and paces, then the clanging sound of the jade unit was pleasant to the ear and it also embodied the respect s to the rituals.Moreover, more importantly,while one was minding to keep the footsteps with the euphonious jogging sounds of the jade unit, the evil thoughts could not get into his mind.It is the meaning of ___walking according to the ringing tune of the jades___.

The kernel of Chinese culture is the continuous personal discipline. It does not just put emphasis on the outcome of someone__™s behaviour which could be seen;the underlying exhortations is the thinking which could not be seen. Our being ill at easy,or our disturbances lie in the wild fancy or improper thoughts which come and go in our minds unceasingly.However we cannot or we do not want to abstain from all these delusions.The chime of evening drum and morning bell of monastery,a sudden beat on the table by a temple sandalwood board,stunned and speechless,at such moment our mind emptied all the delusions,and the pleaseful and contented mentilities emerge.In such pleaseful and contented state of mind, to be a supereminent connoisseur, he can distinguish the quality porcelains by hearing;to be a self-disciplined person,he is not too far away from can hearing the celestial sound.[THE END]



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