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wong tsz mei Art Blog

A land as beautiful as brocade (part 3)

by tszmei , February 5, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: monumental quality, placidity

No artist is completely isolated from his immediate contemporaries,his native country or the period he lives in.At the same time, the development of traditional painting is also at the hand of adding to the identical world some new constructs .Some classic traditional elements are to be find in my painting ___A land as beautiful as brocade___ and it is first and foremost an overt emblematic content of the traditional notation of brilliant prospects as a blessing,which is written in the inscription. Though the vital tradition is the underlying theme, I adopted an approach in a more structural form.In the painting of Emperor Hui-tsung,all ingredients are seemed to be embroidered on the silk damask that it is as delicate as a work of brocade for it__™s manner of figuration.Conversely, I felt the need to convey a sense of the space in which the arrangment of ingredients have been determined stereoscoptic projection to some degree;especially the three-dimensional sense of a couple of pheasants is emphasized.

The extremely concentrated painting is the result of a succession of repeated perceptions and of their transmutation in the mind of an artist,while the method to penetrate the essence of the visible world as the successful examples in Song dynasty is also good hints of rendering the Chinese quality in a painting. The pair of pheasants is the outcome of preliminary study and sketch and the details were kept alive within myself ,and then I blended them in a panoramic scenery.With the monumental quality of tradition in mind,our emotion would be composed and serene which could enable us to transpose the outlines of a familiar world into pure painting resulted in a hamonious unity dominated by placidity. (The End)



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