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wong tsz mei Art Blog

A land as beautiful as brocade (part 2)

by tszmei , February 5, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: incarnation, intimate charm, phoenix

Many people think that bird is the most beautiful creature,and the voice of it is the most pleasant to the ear,for it chirps the dulcet tones.Moreover it is a kind of animals which our ancestors glorified most.For the Chinese nation,the bird emblems are the common totemic notations almost in all the region of the coastal areas and obviously the trend of bird worship stretched to the hinderland at that time. Among the unearthed relics,there were sculptures which are birds but with the human faces; such 2-in-1 figural images also could be found in the underground tombs where the imagined figures were drew on the walls and even some bronze wares are human figures with wings on their blacks .All these reflect that the ancient had much belief in the mortal taking flight to the land of the immortal by working one__™s way through a series of incarnations.Furthermore,bird is the token of exuberant youthful energy,and the image of it also connotes companionship and peace. Especially the gorgeous golden pheasant ,it__™s beautiful spirit is a brilliant surprise to us.

During Song dynasty(960__"1279), golden pheasant was regarded as the bird most similar to phoenix, the Chinese mystical bird.Emperor Hui-tsung(reigned 1101-1126)devoted much time and energy to the arts,and one of his scrolls named ___Hibiscus and pheasant___in which the principal subject is pheasant. In the picture,a pheasant perching on a flowering branch,raising it__™s head and looking at the two lightly dancing butterflies.This painting, notwithstanding refined in its execution of every minutia of a golden pheasant,achieved concentration of form and content by the harmony between pertinent perceptual qualities and the overall liveliness of touch accompanied by notes of sombre and bright colours. There is an intimate charm in the painting inviting to the appreciation of the identical world with a fragment of it__™s re-creation. This painting is owned by Beijing Palace Museum.



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