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wong tsz mei Art Blog

A land as beautiful as brocade (part 1)

by tszmei , February 5, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: a bright future, allegories

The popular name of red breast pheasant is golden pheasant which is a special species of China and can be said that it is renowned at home and abroad. In our nation__™s folk culture, especially in the domain of Chinese painting ,the motif of golden pheasant gains great favor with the mass population. A painting with peony and golden pheasant as the subject matter is named ___A bright future___ which symbolizes the brilliant prosperts of a homeland.These allegories assume such special benediction would be hung in the Great Hall of the People and many other places of importance.

In the ___Compendium of Materia Medica___ of Ming dynasty,golden pheasant was named as colorfull chicken or pheasant.This beautiful species is widely distributed over many provinces of our country and a minicipality of Shansi province is just named ___precious chicken___,for there abound with pheasants. The appearances of the female pheasant and the male are greatly different .The male__™s back is mainly golden yellow of colour with a hint of green .The breast is crimson and the wings are black. The length of it__™s tail which is black with yellow dots is two fold of its body.The colours of the male bird set off each other and enhance its beautiful luster.While the colour of the female is only brown mixed with black specks.

The natural habitat of golden pheasants is woodland where the cliffy mountain slopes are their sphere of activities and sometimes they would appear in the coppices and bamboo forests.This kind of birds is really alert with keen vision and hearing, and they also apt at running.When they are frightened, they would fly up and hide in the leafy shade rapidly.Normally they activate on the ground in daytime,while perching on the branches to rest at night.As the feathers of the male are beautiful and voltuptuous, therefore a great deal of them are being chased and hunted down,and even killed by poachers. Beause of this, the government had already ranked them as the second rate protected animal.

According to history,the exportation of golden pheasants abroad commenced in the 18 century. At first ,they were exported to Europe and in 1786 started to be exported to North America and subsequently Canada, South Africa. Many other places also imported this beautiful birds from China thenceforth. All these imply that golden pheasants were adored by many people and many countries gradually.In the picture,we can see a male pheasant is foraging in the snow in a chateau of Norfolk in England.



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