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wong tsz mei Art Blog

Innovation coalesced with continuing Chinese qualities(part 6)

by tszmei , January 24, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: the, the gauge of Zeitgeist

I am one of the contemporary artists and after familiarizing myself with traditional painting both of the free-hand brushwork and the meticulous painting,I try to combine these categories of traditional value and artistic vocabulary for the furtherance of tradition. Chinese painting is fundamentally a linear art,but the depicting lines are by no means bound to the sihouette of the object.When representing an object suggesting strength,the moment the brush is applied the sentiment of strength must be invoked and felt throughout the artist__™s system and imparted through the arm and hand to the brush,and so transmitted into the object painted. Therefore Wang Yuanqi once said that___there are metal sticks beneath my brush tip.___In my painting ___The nonstop river going through all directions and the deep springs never exhaust___, the percept of the rocky cliffs,the magnificent mountains are translated into life-giving line as a distinguishing feature in Chinese painting is the strength of the brushstroke.Though the vital tradition is the underlying theme,would adopt an approach in a more structural form;the emphasis of content are placed in a work of art.The painting shows how intensely I grappled with the different perceptions to artifice entirely into nature and nature entirely into art.

5)Appraising contemporary arts by ourselves

People tend to appreciate painting by perceiving them with their ears,not their eyes. When the news about the artists__™ works selling with exoribitant prices spread,they would become the most popular and could pull attentions of most people.Gaining rapid popularity goad artists and art dealers on hatching up trememdous boost in the record price to cause a sensation. Such phenomenon in the world of art sometimes is just an art craze dominated by commercialism. Several years age,a buyer purchasing an artwork of a renowned artist from an auction market. She spent more than million yuan to buy a fakery for the artist claimed that what she had bought was not his work.The auction company was not liable for the loss of the clients and the lawsuit against the auctioneer could only shocked the society and became talking piont for press and public.

I always remind myself a remark made by an art critic.He said,___It is not favourable for an artist to become famous too early,for in later years he does not have time or have the drive to make progression.___The artist already gained publicity not necessary produced the best work. To make out the masterpiece really demand one to engage perceptually,intellectually and emotionally at length with the works of art. Especially, the complex situation of the Chinese painting makes it much more difficult to confirm the aesthetic standing of the produced art that is of value and noteworthy as a gauge of the Zeitgeist. It would better to familiarize ourselves with the unique culture of a nation that we would not be misled by some biased opinions. [THE END]



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