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wong tsz mei Art Blog

Innovation coalesced with continuing Chinese qualities(part 5)

by tszmei , January 24, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: idioms, pictorial

The resulation of the dichotomy between authentical realism and insubstantial construct does not bother some contemporary artists and Gao Quanqiang is one of them.Mr.Gao was born in i955 and graduated from China Academy of Fine Art.His painting___Twilight and smoking cloud___displays the distillation of landscape and objects seen and felt.In this painting nuances of brushwork were restricted to give the tonality of ink and visuable forms an unfettered effect.The configuration of the whole piece seems to originate from a fleeting memory,and traditional quality serves as an expressive vehicle to convey the lyricism with the saturated brush.Nowadays,the renewal of traditional preoccupations with landscape and atmosphere are mostly expressed however through new pictorial idioms.



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