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Innovation coalesced with continuing Chinese qualities(part 4)

by tszmei , January 24, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: dimensions, diverse, fusion, of, the

Some artists__™ achievement in terms of the artistic appropriation of given reality can be seen in their rendering of an traditional poetic theme. Both paintings, named ___Spring river and boat___ and ___Early spring___ respectedly, resort to present a descriptive content to convey the reviviscence of such special season. The artist of ___Spring river and boat___(Right) was born in 1956,and he also benefits from his comprehension of traditional painting. His name is Jiao pengjian.Detachment and the demands of pictorial structure could sometimes engender paintings of surprising concreteness,such as Mr.Jiao__™s solidly-drew housing area and it__™s vicinity in the foreground of the picture. The concreteness is also emphatic in the mountains which assumes vertical-format.The artist aims at harmonize his two concerns---to convey his solid impression of natural scenery being witnessed,and to establish a picture structured by human hand as an autonomous and complementary addition to visible reality. However,the unavoidable stiffness is the undecidable aftermath and which is reinforced by the horizontal compositioned foreground and the perpendicular arrangement of mountains.The middleground mists moving from the left and serpentining around the mountains,then dissipating to the remoteness not only act as the counteraction of the hardness of tectonic form,but also to animate the solidly-constructed enclosure.

This sharp contrasting tendency of pictorial and representaional necessities is also predominant in Li Baizhan__™s (Left). Mr.Li was born in 1957 and held many individual exhibitions featured his predilection of landscape paintings. The robust trees were represented deftly with bush and ink and seems almost___flat___without the tonal modulation the Western eye expects in circumstances of pronounced earthly actuality.The two-dimensional extent of sturdy trees expands over the surface ,while the curved river indicating the turn is far behind the trees and go in depth.The added three groats stand silhouetted in front of the twisty river enhance the fusion of diverse dimensions with overall coherence.



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