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Innovation coalesced with continuing Chinese qualities(part3)

by tszmei , January 24, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: and, atmospherics, moment, mood, of, the

4)A glance of several contemporary Chinese painting

To this day,though painting of many present day artists could not necessarily always be described as traditional in the sense of idealized landscape of the literati,it nonetheless drew on the traditional example. The painting ___Autumnal hill___ of Liu jichun exemplified its assimilation of the classical vocabularies which look back to the old masters and typify his work.Mr.Liu began to love painting and calligraphy since childhood. He benefits a lot from imitating the style of many masterpieces and which is papable in this painting by looking at the outlined trees in the fore part of the picture. The configuration of the trees depicted in a same manner to that of Wang yuanqi and he repeated this pattern in the foreground combining with the network of other thin trees, branches and vegetation to stabilize the visual surface and creat optical distance with the middle ground and background.The pictorial approach was the insistence on constructing a picture out of tonal flexibility from a predominantly dark gradations. Mr.Liu in many ways a conservative artist, he nevertheless gear to the fleeting moment of modern trend enjoying the freedom of wielding his broad brush-strokes. It is most obvious of the endless ranges just expressed with several spontaneous brushworks. The painting instead of the sense of archaic bluntness of the everlasting order of nature, all the constructing elements creat the moistened ideal milieu for recording the mood and atmospherics of the moment.



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