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Tony Reeves

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African Princess

by treeves2000 , October 23, 2017—12:00 AM

Topics: creativity, inspiration

My faith and purpose positively impress upon my vision to create a formless substance from the unseen through the reflection deep into my inner mirror. T… Continue reading… 0 comments

A walk to the beach

by treeves2000 , April 29, 2013—01:12 PM

Topics: Beauty in Nature, inspiration

A walk to the beach painting title during my last visit to Newport, Rhode Island in the summer of 2012 I got inspired by this scene the beauty in nature and it diverse form of reality that moves men of genius, And I decide to painted what I see with the palette knife and paint on canvas in a beautiful color of nature… Continue reading… 0 comments

Welcome home daddy

by treeves2000 , August 19, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: inspiration

Inspiration is the source for every artist to paint or to see the unseen. My art merges imagination and Inspired as a child inspiration had been my primary source to paint. Inspired by my aunt through her story telling, made my passion began to grow and put stories on drawing papers and canvas. Every art speak their own language that the audiences understand. Although as a child growing up my favorite Colors are orange and blue. I also love telling stories or maybe a joke of which I'__________ve learned from my aunt and listening to music. I believe that we can bring the world together through art for peace and keeping the wheels of the art industry turning… Continue reading… 0 comments

Ancestor Haritage 18 X 13 pen & ink

by treeves2000 , August 9, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: creativity, inspiration

The work of art is not a gold mined, But a inspiration and creativity moreover you need to have passion for art. In this drawing I employed the pen and brush, I first started with a wash by using the brush with a thin coat of water base ink and after I use the pen to create the thin lines on the drawing paper. www.treevesarts… Continue reading… 0 comments