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Whimsical art of sock monkeys, animals, and children in watercolor, acrylic, and oil paints. Terri has sold hundreds of products with her designs on them through her Cafe Press shop, and will have a "Sock it To Me" gallery showing at KETZ Gallery on 12/18/09. Terri's art is also to be included in the next sock monkey book by Bonnie Connelly, author of Everything's Coming Up Sock Monkeys. Add Comment


Terri Wilson Poposky (Tpop), the product of creative parents, was a fiercely independent child who was encouraged to make things with her hands at a young age. Shortly after moving to Arkansas from West Virginia, Terri__™s mother took her to art classes at a place called The Little Fire House, where the children were allowed to express themselves freely. Her childhood was full of books, pretend games, stories her mother invented, and her father__™s hobby of doing string art in the 70__™s, and later woodworking.

In school, Terri took art whenever possible, and won some art contests. Although she loved to draw and paint on paper, Terri also took up macram__ and ceramics until schooling demands didn__™t allow much time for art projects. Her focus shifted to math and science throughout high school and college, until she earned a B.S. degree in Chemistry in 1990, and accepted a Chemist position for the state of Arkansas, where she still works as an analyst of drinking water.

Once her children reached the ages of being more independent, Terri was able to explore art once again, and enjoyed painting whimsical creatures from animals to sock monkeys. Encouraged by loved ones, Terri found the time to create many paintings over the years, which were mostly given away to family and friends, especially if they were in need of being cheered up in some way.

As a way to get feedback about her art, Terri created a fan page through the social networking site Facebook, and has enjoyed the joining of over 600 fans in just a few months. She takes their ideas into consideration when creating new works, and also creates works commissioned by the fans, some of which have very specific requirements about what they want. Terri enjoys the challenge.


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