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Patricia Arquette About

Retired: Studied nursing,Graduated college. Love studying the mind and am certified as a Hypno/Behaviour Therapist,although non-practicing for pay. Love the outdoors, rain and thunderstorms. Love nature's creatures but won't equate animals with humans. Love people, but kind of a loner. I like my solitude and spend lots of time reading and painting. Add Comment


I'm a grandmother of two boys, one grown. I'm retired due to disabilities from falls and traffic accidents and can no longer enjoy the past pleasures of Hunting, Horse-back riding,camping raising and showing dogs (German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Eng Bull Terriers-real clowns) Although I painfully miss being in a house over an apt, to have a dog and a garden, I was encouraged to return to painting when given oils, easels and canvas, which I enjoy very much. I have no pets, presently. Have shared many tales of some very strange and unusual pets and their antics with my younger grandson. He so enjoyed the tales, he encouraged me to write of them and how they honored my life. I did so with: "All Creatures Greatly Loved" which I'm putting on CreateSpace. I'm hoping to sell enough copies to get a debt paid off so I can qualify for a program that will assist me in buying a house. I would love to leave a house to my children, something my father had intended for me, in 1987, but it was stolen by his sister and mother.

I enjoy helping to lift the spirits of others who are feeling forsaken. It's easy for me to relate.


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