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Artistic expressions

by TLeeks , February 25, 2011—02:43 PM

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In order to define art, it is necessary, first of all,to cease to consider it as a means to pleasure and to consider it as one the conditions of human life. Leo Tolstoy.




  Cloe Chunn

02/04/2015 * 07:56:37

These paintings are beautiful! You capture flowers with realism while also giving dramatic color and attention. The abstracts are also very interesting.


  Theodore Leeks ( homepage )

09/15/2012 * 14:42:42

Rosa Wonderful scent-peachy-pink flowers in mid summer w/isessental for roses are difficult to paint, Perhaps to cause it takes all our skill to capture on paper the fraqility and smooth texure of the outer ,petals the coiling of the subtle nuancesin colour and tone. Tea Rose


  Theodore Leeks ( homepage )

12/06/2011 * 14:31:55

Congratulation's, You have really worked hard and made lot of progress.You have a wonderful sense of stortelling in your work, and a keen sennse of Drama.

Linda Drewry June 2, 2008

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