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Artist Statement

by TKuehl , April 18, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: artist statement, marketing, painting

I had a discussion with several artists this week about the artist statement. Almost everyone felt that it is a necessary evil and part of the art marketing process. Some people felt that it might help art viewers to understand the work while others thought that the art work should be self- explanatory. Any comments?




  Mike Barr ( homepage )

04/28/2009 * 23:25:13

I attended a professional development session a few weeks ago for artists. The panel - which included gallery directors - suggested that most artist's statments are complete works of fiction and fantasy! I tend to agree and really hate putting together one for myself. But, often we are asked to do one. The best policy I feel is to be honest and to keep it short.


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

04/20/2009 * 23:34:12

I think we are stuck with artist statements, in that certain events make that part of the package of what they expect. The challenge is to not make them sound absurdly pretentious. Some people's solution is to use a large portion of humor in the mix.

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