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Thomas Kuehl Art Blog

Artist and Art Marketer

by TKuehl , March 29, 2009—03:24 PM

Topics: E-Learning, marketing

I love to paint and I try to set asside time every weekend and sometimes during the week to paint. I feel like I should show my work more and do more marketing but I don't have that much time so I would rather paint.

My day job is E-Learning so I am pretty handy around computers and the Internet so it's pretty easy for me to do marketing on the web. I don't think it is the best way to market art but at least I feel like I'm doing something.

I have a lot of questions about the process. Do I just want my work to be seen and appreciated or is selling important. I have this funny reaction to getting money for my art. It seems like apples and oranges-money doesn't pay for it.




  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

03/31/2009 * 15:04:20

Hi Thomas,
Marketing art on the internet is a challenge at the moment but ArtId is working very hard to make online sales of art more mainstream. The paradigm shift is pretty big and people are just starting to even think of the internet as a source for original art. Artists who are self representing on the internet are way ahead of the curve so be patient while the world catches up.
There are many many good articles about online marketing in the ArtId and Featured Blog posts.


  Thomas Kuehl ( homepage )

03/31/2009 * 10:58:53

Hi Mike thanks for the words of encouragement-I have considered a series of small paintings-actually I have done a few but I haven't tried to sell on Ebay-it sounds like it is working pretty well for you.



  Mike Barr ( homepage )

03/29/2009 * 21:56:44

Hi Thomas
Setting up a small works blog and using eBay to sell small works is an ideal way to get your name out there and get the ball rolling. Dont spend too much time on such paintings though. You will also find that seascapes sell the most specially if you have the word 'beach' on the title.. it is one of the big search words for paintings on eBay!
The big payoff in working like that with small works is that your skill level increases, as does your confidence.
The greatest form of appreciation is that someone buys your work for themselves - so don't worry too much about the selling aspect.

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