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Tiziana Giammetta About

My way of painting is characterized by intense color quality that forces the highlights and shadows in an almost complete bichromatic range. My interest in the expressiveness of the face leads me to prefer the subject of portraits. My work is characterized in research through the exploration of light, shadow, color, gesture, expression, and simplicity. I prefer to work fast, trying to keep a certain innocent immediacy to preserve freshness. Add Comment



Her mother used to say about her that she learned to draw before than writing. Obsessed in youth with the study of the human figure, particularly the nude, she explored for years monochrome design, and hesitates to use the brushes, that's why in later adult years decided to educate her creativity at school and graduated in photography, graphic design and advertising at the Art Institute Depero of Rovereto (TN) Italy. The impact with the graphic techniques made her feel hunger about more specific artistic techniques so later attended the Academy of Fine Arts Cignaroli of Verona, in the Painting section. During the '90s, spurred by this experience at the Academy has begun her love for portraying on large canvases.

She versatility works with different mediums: oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink (applied directly without preliminary drawing), markers, pen, pencils, pastels, mixed media, as well as the most well-known professional illustration and graphic design softwares (for digital artworks).


Born in 1967 in Breno in the province of Brescia, fourth daughter of Yolanda from the northern province o Italy and Raffaaele from deep south. Even as a child feels citizen of the world, arrives at the age of two years with his family on Lake Garda where she grew up, and it was love at first sight between her and the lake. Living in such a melting pot of languages traditions and tourism strengthened her cosmopolitan nature. As a teenager she began her journey of life, which over the years will be enriched by travel, removals, adventures, deaths, weddings, meetings and discoveries which took her away from her origins. She decided in 2007 to return by the lake, where she feels her roots. She currently lives with her husband Matteo, her son Francesco and two cats in Riva del Garda.


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