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Iam from England, but have lived in the US for about 9 years now...i have an arts degree from the UK, Add Comment


Hello, my mame is Mandy, and im an English lass living in the USA,I first found out i enjoyed drawing was at a very young age, I would watch my mum doodle on scrap paper at the kitchen table..on asking her if it was hard?..she passed the pencil and paper to me and said...if its in you, its easy..I looked down at the paper, and so not to be embaressed, I went out in to the back garden, sat by the old slate wall..and started to draw...the pencil glided over the paper with ease, as i looked down, grass grew inbetween the slate, a butterfly apeared, and that was the begining,I had a wonderfull art teacher that let me go to his classroom whenever i had the chance,(MR.AUSTIN)he encoreged me to try diff things, as i did, i new i preferd pencil and a good textured being English, im a firm believer in Fairys..and drawing them is my pashion..thank you for listening..x


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