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Peter Edwards About

He was educated at a school that can only be described as resembling Gormenghast, and on the high, wet plain overlooking Bath where he studied Math and Captain Beefheart. After a stint at the Gas Board, he stepped off a 747 into the Manhattan winter where he was promptly relieved of his greatcoat by a cheerful chap he met on W 42nd Street. Falling on hard times, he eked out a miserable living programming mainframes and soon had enough to buy a suit. He moved to Chicago and joined a community theatre in Wilmette. Sadly it was unpaid, but I am told he wowed them in Waukegan, playing Lawyer Cribbs in The Drunkard. Eventually the real estate boom allowed him to finance a restaurant. This was Tea and Crumpets in Saint Petersburg Beach, Florida. Naturally, he was soon broke and forced to return to coding. In his spare time he produced a community TV show called Videotropic which featured Third World music and local Native Americans with an attitude. In his spare time, he wrote and self-published "Talks to Bears", "The Front of Beyond" and "Clueless in America", all readily available on Amazon, hint, hint. Add Comment


The drawing started when I was five and consisted mainly of panoramas of battling stickmen drawn on the sleeves of my parents books. At ten I drew a huge, realistic flea which attracted some attention. Skills with color, however, failed to materialize. As a teen I imitated Trogg and Mary Quant and copied Escher prints. I worked in a mental asylum that had huge Bosch reproductions on the walls. Then in the first year of college I had a sort of breakthrough and started drawing what I called __________intuitive analogies.__________ These were pictures of internal concepts that incorporated a valid paradigm of the larger idea it was describing. Mostly in black ballpoint pen.

We experimented with drawing intuitive analogies of pop songs and seeing if another person could tell which song it was. These creative years were brief. In 78 I moved to Chicago. There were several successful drawings of American apartments with living furniture, and I started drawing the optical effects of light seen via water in the eye and so on. Echoes of Reich'_________™s orgone energy.__________

I had met several early computer artists in the eighties, including one who was working on a 3-D galactic map.

But it wasn'_________™t until 2008 that I realized the drawings could be colorized using computer software. With the help of my mentor, Steve Smith, the famous postage stamp artist, I was able to colorize a few drawings. The results, I think you'_________™ll agree, are not too bad.

Some people are looking for velveteen images of dogs playing poker. But I hope some people are looking for thought provoking images that give one a little bit of a tingle. Life is a vast, complicated business, with more magic in it we care to admit. There was a DJ at WMNF here in Tampa called Geoff who used to say, __________"Every day is a new movie.__________" He was right.


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