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Christopher Stone Art Blog

Christopher Stone, Direct carving

by thenoop , March 25, 2011—08:38 AM

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Press release

2011 is seeing the price upsurge of British sculptor Christopher Stone's work. Best known for his stone and marble carvings Christopher has been around art for many years, seemingly always on the fringe of complete success in his field of art, however now seems to be his finest hour, his maturity in art, and his humor are reflected in the wide range of styles / materials used in his sculptures. Christopher's list of fore filled exhibitions is endless having shown in most European cities as well as New York, and Connecticut in the USA. Works by this artist can be seen around Europe from Romania, Russia, and the Czech republic to the UK, Germany, Holland, and France who have Christopher's pieces in their museums. His collaboration with some of the worlds sculptural giants is very impressive, Sculptors from the Royal Academy including Barry Flanagan who was a dear friend and who Mentored Christopher's sculptural endeavours until Flanagan's death in 2009 Late last year we were told about this artist's earlier works showing an increased interest amongst collectors, both in galleries and auction results. Now 2011 shows firm curiosity in both his latest carvings and bronze sculptures. All Christopher's carvings are executed in the "Direct style" for which he has become renowned internationally, which is a new approach to making carved sculpture introduced by Brancusi from about 1906. Before that carved sculpture had always been based on a carefully worked out preliminary model. Often it was then actually carved by craftsmen employed by the artist. The marble sculptures of Rodin were made in this way. In direct carving there is no model and the finalform evolves through the process of carving. An important aspect of direct carving was the doctrine of truth to materials (see also Impasto). This meant that the artist consciously respected the nature of the material, working it to bring out its particular properties and beauty of colour and surface. Direct carvers used a wide variety of types of marble, stone and wood. They kept to simple forms which respected the original block or tree trunk. Surfaces were kept uncluttered by detail in order to expose the material itself, and were often carefully polished to enhance the colour and markings. The results were often highlyabstract. In introducing direct carving Brancusi brought about a revolution in the tradition of carved sculpture. After Brancusi, notable direct carvers were Epstein, Gaudier-Brzeska,Hepworth and Moore.

Two galleries hold several carvings each ranging from the late 80's to 2005, one being Lady Audrey's Gallery of Millerton New York, and The Forge gallery, in Walberton, UK. being the other. Both these galleries have been representing the artist for some time, staff at the galleries promised that prices will remain "As are" despite the increase of interest. Any one wishing to see this artist's work have the opportunity next month In Marbella, Southern Spain from 31st March through 4th May Christopher is taking part in Stephen Howes's latest art extravaganza "A Million Euros of Art" at the Marbella Casino, Puerta Ban__s. This show is the biggest, and most spectacular staged by Malag__ based Stephen Howes fine art will be showing a variety of Christopher's works, pieces dating from 2002 until present. From huge bronze rearing horses in editions of eight, together with other yet unveiled works in bronze enticingly titled "Gaia, Earth Goddess" which will set you back anything between 29000 to 60000 euros, meanwhile a 200 kilo plus "Macael marble" carving from around 15000. The same exhibition promises smaller pieces in Silver, and table top size carvings in stone and marble ranging from 1800- 3500 euro all by the same artist, and if its wall art your seeking Christopher will be showing canvases from 2010 and 2011. Christopher Stone's representing agents are "Stephen Howes fine art", of Malag__, Spain.



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