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France will have a new museum

by thenoop , February 24, 2011—12:33 PM

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New Museum to open in France.

Nestled beneath the Pyrenees on the French side lies the tiny hamlet of Saint Frajou, a picturesque village of less than 200 habitants which is now the home of The "Mus__e de Peinture" or The Museum of Paintings. Villagers, friends, the City council, and other interested people got together with the towns Mayor George Tomasi and planned this exciting project.

Please visit the Museums website below for all the information regarding this project.

The Museum housed in the converted local school will be the home of some 30 wonderful paintings all donated by the Superb, and generous artist Ksenia Milocevic. Ksenia originally from Yugoslavia now spends her time between Paris and Saint Frajou where she and her husband have a home. Other artists who hold work in the museums permanent collection are the French sculptor Gerard Lartique and British sculptor Christopher Stone,

The Mayor of St. Frajou George Tomasi City Council, Museum of Painting and Friends of the Museum of Painting of St. Frajou are delighted to annonce their forthcoming inauguration of Museum Permanent Collection on February 26 2011 at 17 h. The Saint-Frajou Museum of Painting participates as partner in the event of "2011 Year of the Pyrenees"

Reservations and information: 0033 (0) 5 61 94 15 66 between 19 and 21 .

Ksenia Milicevic web site

Christopher Stone web site Gerard Lartigue web site



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