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Gary Fields About

I have always had a great appreciation for art and I constantly look for new ways to express my creativity. I love the diversity that whimsical art offers and the ability to inject an individual personality into each completed sculpture. Add Comment


Gary Fields was born in Toledo, Ohio, raised in Oregon, Ohio and now resides in Ionia, Michigan.

His father was a self-taught artist and following the family tradition, Gary has produced artistic interpretations in watercolor, acrylics, oil, pen and ink, pastels, glass and wood and currently specializes in wildlife soft sculptures...both realistic and whimsical.

His sculptures have been featured in various juried art shows and several commissioned pieces have been produced as a result.

What originally began as Collectible Critters has now evolved into "The Critterfields" which encompasses a larger realm of whimsical art focused on wildlife. Each one of a kind critter is completely handmade and begins with a wire and foam rubber skeleton which is bent to the desired posture or position. Acrylic yarn is fluffed with a wire brush to resemble fur, cut to the desired length and attached to the foam rubber with hot glue forming a permanent bond. Once the fur is completely attached it is meticulously trimmed and sculpted with barber clippers and shears until the desired appearance is achieved. Each completed piece is a one of a kind sculpture with their own personality and they are embellished with specific theme oriented props to further enhance the unique realism or whimsical flair of the piece.

His wife, Mary, also helps with making the costumes and is his critical eye in quality control. His son, Travis, also an artist, will soon be developing a website so you will see more when it is completed at

Please contact Gary if you have a specific idea or theme in mind and he will tell you how he will bring it to life for you. Any occupation, hobby, pastime or sport can be created based on availability of coordinating props to complete the uniqueness of the specific theme. He can also custom make realistic wildlife sculptures for collectors or displays. Just send Gary an e-mail and let him know what you need.

These work really well as raffle items for fund raising activities! If you have a group, organization, or charity with a message to get out or a specific theme for an upcoming event, let Gary know and he will show you how to make it a fun, successful and rewarding event. There is nothing to big or small that he can't do for you!

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