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Oshilaja Hemsley Guestbook



  Marlena Burger ( homepage )

08/03/2010 * 11:04:51

Your article, "Shifting Perspectives" was intriguing. Wouldn't we all be shocked if Jesus would show up now. We would probably be appalled by his appearance and how he spoke. I do feel he live in all of us that follow his teachings.
A correction on the article of Robbie's.
Robbie is a digital artist.This is the link to his gallery.
He was a photographer many years ago until the age of computers. His wife, Marlena is the photographer.
Thank You.


  Bini ( homepage )

05/31/2010 * 08:15:27

Dear Oh,

just found your new wunderful paintings...
It is always a pleasure to dive into your world!
Greetings from Berlin, Bini


  Vered Neta ( homepage )

02/19/2009 * 08:00:45

Dear Oh,

Your paintings and art is an inspiration and catch my breath each time I watch them.

You've managed to capture the essence of femininity and power together. You have managed somehow to touch the cord of my soul in each of your paintings.

Thank you for this amazing piece of art that you are creating. You are unique.

Love and light, Vered


  natasha ( homepage )

02/14/2009 * 10:54:35

hi Oshilaja, i found your webpage via Xing--.You'r an inspiration! thanks, Natasha


  jimmy springett ( homepage )

12/14/2008 * 22:04:42

I like the journey into yourself and loving the process--my art is not so loose, impressionistic, my feelings are a great part too--the animals and I connect. After having worked for 40 years in another field, now I am a full time artist and this is the very best--my art started as a result of a tragedy, odd way, I'm grateful for this gift. I'd like to hear more about your view and meaning of your colors, this is so interesting.
best wishes,jimmy springett


  Yolanda Berry

12/02/2008 * 23:36:24

I am mesmerized!!! The colors and movement of your art is beautiful! I saw your artwork displayed on Fine Art Views and was compelled to click on the link to view your work. One word of advice....never stop painting!!!


  Phillip J. Charette ( homepage )

10/31/2008 * 10:07:22

I keep coming back to yours as well. What you've captured in your work really makes a person "feel" when they look at it. My partner, Liz, is a huge fan as well.


  Christina Lovisa

10/23/2008 * 15:43:44

Thanks for the lovely comment.
I can see why its' (Dancing On Mars'),rhythm appeals to you by the looks of your wonderful work. What a great sense of motion and liveliness you create in your art! Bravo!

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