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Shifting Perspectives

by theartofoh , August 3, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Pastels, art and wellness, art that heals, colour, contemporary art, energy, expressionism, flow, healing, publishing, spiritual art, works on paper

In submitting an article to a spiritual magazine, the question of what constitutes spiritual and healing art came up. And a quick browse on the web brought up the usual perceptions and presentations of humanoid angels, a very blonde Jesus Christ (who we know from historical facts that he could not have been fair skinned and blonde), airbrushed or Photoshopped dolphins, and Disneyesque ___stairways to heaven___. How did we get to subscribing to this Hollywood rendition of spiritual art? And why do we love to limit ourselves so, either through language or through perceptions. Has anyone thought that we could all be angels and we could all be carrying our own wings in various shapes and colour even though we can__™t see them? (Perhaps that__™s another article in itself.) Why do we like these boxes to confine ourselves in?

In my work as an intuitive artist and energy practitioner, I see such confines daily and through my workshops, I take people to places within themselves that they didn__™t know they had, or ever imagined they could go. A sixty-something year old lady walked into my studio one day and as she perused the literature about the workshops and what I do, suddenly put the flyers down and announced that she was ___too old for this sort of thing___. ___What sort of thing?___ I had to ask. ___Oh you know___ art and all this creative stuff___, she said.

Er, no, I don__™t know! I didn__™t know we had to be a certain age to be creative. I thought the whole point of us being here on this planet was to be creative. And by the nature of us being creative beings, we use that powerful energy within us, that divine source within to make our ___art___ in whatever form we choose. All our creations are sourced from Spirit and by ___Spirit___, I don__™t mean something that is separate from our selves. Rather the Spirit is The Self___ the truthful authentic part of us.

When we stay true to Spirit, our creations can be truly magnificent. In my workshops, I see time and time again, how people are locked (and emotionally blocked) within the confines of our verbal language. So I encourage them to use the language of colour, shape, form and symbols. They are always surprised at their own power after they get their ___thinking___ (and sometimes academic) minds out of the way to express themselves freely. It is through this release that perspectives shift and the healing begins. And a similar process occurs when we are mindful viewers of any art. It is this that makes all art healing. Next time you view a piece of artwork, become aware of your bodily reactions to it. Forget about reading up who the artist is or was, where the artist was when he or she created the piece, and certainly forget about how he or she created it. Just stay mindful to what your feelings are and what your body responds to whilst viewing. Somehow we do this more easily through music. And again here, I don__™t mean our emotional attachments to lyrics. I__™m talking about the way we easily tune in to the language of tone and sound. If we can do this, we can easily communicate through colour and form.

I had this discussion on the limits we place on ourselves with a friend of mine in the States who gives lively talks on art and its healing power, and we agreed that all art heals on some level. He explains it beautifully, so I__™ll share his words here:

"Art as a communicative device predates codified language and it is only through artistic endeavour that one is able to express the essential impressions and nuances of perception that are the basic elements of personality. When we accept a linguistic structure as our main model of the universe we bind ourselves to exist within that model thus relegating most of what we are mentally to a secondary realm called the subconscious. The authorities love to cite the difference between the conscious and the subconscious minds and they happily describe different attributes for each and yet they have never been able to define the delineation between them. In looking at that dichotomy as an artist I must conclude that the assumed division between conscious and subconscious is not actual but only contrived and that if one is able to accept the impressions and nuances of perception aforementioned as valid aspects of reality, then the division between the two presumed disparate regions of mental activity is obviated, thus allowing a much more expansive actualization of self. Enlightenment is the expansion of ego beyond self and it must be accomplished by one who can process his thoughts without words. Artists attempt to do that whether they know it or not."

Robbie Burger is a digital artist based in Orlando, Florida - He runs Custom Posterworks as well as Designerscarves By Marlena with his wife printing limited edition silk and lycra scarves




  Jason Schakosky ( homepage )

08/03/2010 * 17:49:05

I have always considered myself to be one of the Fallen.

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