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Oshilaja Hemsley Art Blog

A Potter's Song

by theartofoh , March 30, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Pastels, art that heals, colour, contemporary art, energy, expressionism, flow, making art, spiritual art, works on paper

This painting is like an ode to the creative process. Potters have often spoken of how sometimes the wheel turns itself, and artists speak of how the painting painted itself. This is often the case in how I work when I am in the Flow. ___Flow___ is what I call that space where I am taken when painting, where intellectual skills are not applied to the job at hand. To create a true emotional landscape means going into a state of being. This is far different from mind imaginings or fantasy paintings which require some degree of ___thinking___. Most abstract expressionists and intuitive artists understand how important it is to get out of our mind__™s (and Ego__™s) way to express whatever wants to be expressed (or revealed) in the moment the paint (or, in my case, pastels) are massaged into the canvas or paper.

The hues of red, ochres, biscuit, and orange stem from our creativity energy centre __" the sacral chakra, and in this small composition, there is balance of curvy shapes and lines that give body to the lyrical flow of colour. There is also a kind of reflection of forms symbolising the universal law of harmony - ___as above so below___.




  Rebecca Wise Girson ( homepage )

03/31/2009 * 19:26:55

Oh- I really love your work. It really resonates with my soul ("Oceanic Dreams" speaks to me at a level I cannot express).

The beauty that's inside of you reveals itself through your art.

Thank you for sharing,

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