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Oshilaja Hemsley Art Blog


by theartofoh , December 13, 2008—08:08 AM

Topics: Pastels, art and wellness, art that heals, colour, expressionism, spiritual art, works on paper

Chakras Everything we do begins and ends with our energy centres, our chakras, and I am beginning to understand importance of this more and more. Having recently had my Reiki I attunement, my senses are even keener, the colours I see and feel are more extraordinary. The actual process was a truly beautiful experience with my space being filled up with translucent golden light. I was also awestruck by an indescribable sound of ___a tuning fork______ like a piano being tuned___ very high pitched but soothing. If my senses were keen before, it now feels as if they have been totally recharged. Colours are more vivid and senses more alert (for want of a better word). The symbolic expressions of each chakra in these little paintings (11 × 14ins.), are pretty apparent, and I have used (and shared) them as meditative tools. They were painted well before I knew anything about Reiki, so it would be interesting to see what symbols, gestures, or insights come through now.




  Jackie Griswold ( homepage )

12/13/2008 * 08:19:22

Your paintings are lovely, and what you said about senses being keener is so true. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, and the painting I've done since Reiki are more fluid, more filled with emotion and energy, and far more an expression of myself than they ever were before. Painting is so much more of a healing process than it was in the past as well. The "music" that is within art simply flows out of me. It is a wonderful experience.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your chakra paintings.


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