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Oshilaja Hemsley Art Blog


by theartofoh , November 21, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: BLUES, Pastels, art and wellness, art that heals, contemporary art, expressionism, making art, spiritual art, works on paper

An expression of how we use our whole bodies to communicate when we are fully conscious.

This painting is an ode to my Witching-Hour. On restless nights usually around the time of a full moon, I__™ll stay up with a notebook or a sketchpad and just ___watch___ (and listen to) the creative ideas and visions that pop into my head at this time (usually between 1am and 4am). Sometimes, they are outrageous, but I__™ve learned not to discard anything immediately. Instead I do some freefall writing or drawing. This wonderfully ripe period is really about ditching egos and intellectual thinking and simply falling into the flow. For someone who__™s always been a ___why?-child___ it__™s taken years of practise to tune in to all my senses.

In this painting, it__™s no surprise that the colours of the throat and third eye chakras (energy centres) came through. They are the communication centres in our bodies. The pale aqua blues and deep rich indigo here, course through this goddess-like vessel symbolising the many parts of the body that we use in heeding the call and response deep within us. At first glance it might look like there are several entities in the painting, but really she is one ___being___ revealing various aspects of the Self.



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