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Saying hello to everyone

by theartofoh , November 14, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: ArtId, introduction

This is a tad late, but I have been having pc problems and after a couple of weeks, it seems things are back on course, so I want to say a huge ___Hello___ to the ArtId team and a huge thank-you especially to Betsy and Carla for their wonderful emails. It was so funny when I signed on I kept staring at Betsy__™s picture, and she kept staring at mine, and then we realised that we knew each other and had a few belly-laughs years ago in London.

She asked me to post my original email to her and I do so here followed by a few words from hers to put it in context___ Dear Elizabeth Davison, Ahhh Betsy! Y'know, when I logged onto ArtID and signed up, I kept looking at your picture and telling myself, "I know this lady! Why does she look so familiar?" then I found out MindIsland had been relaunched as ArtID! LOL. It's been five or six years, and I'm sure we met at one of these art expos in NYC and had lunch in London... so many moons and lifetimes ago... in a restaurant that had art on its walls whilst feeding its artists or some such concept? Anyway... we had a good belly-laugh and you wrote me such a kind email just when my life was going belly-up. Not sure if you do matter... I was painting under Patse Hemsley back then. Now, I'm just saying a huge "hello" and thanking you for all you and your team are doing. Drop me a note when you get a mo. If none of this makes any sense, then please ignore!

OH MY GOODNESS.... HI Patse/Oh!!!! What a wonderful email to get yesterday. I am so thrilled to hear from you. This is too funny....I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING when you joined. I kept looking at your picture and thinking...that looks like Patse but different first name but she works in London....Carla and I even talked about you on Monday saying....isn't that Patse? Yes, what a fun lunch we all had...What a small world. And how wonderful that you joined ArtId (with all the other online competition) not knowing it was us behind the scenes. You see, it is fate/the stars that says we are destined to work together :-)

............................................................ Ahhh the beauty of the internet, sometimes!





03/23/2009 * 09:14:42

Hi Patse, hope life is good and youare not experiencing too much of a 'crunch'. Trust you and the girls are well. Get n touch (please).

T D xx

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