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Oshilaja Hemsley Art Blog

The Moon Goddess

by theartofoh , November 14, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Pastels, art and wellness, art that heals, contemporary art, expressionism, healing, making art, spiritual art, works on paper

A summer solstice painting that came from a meditation. Pure indigo colours highlighted in pale lemon and white.

The first time I did what I call a pastel panel was out of necessity more than creative experimentation. It was back in 1999 and around the time of the summer solstice. I simply ran out of paper, but ___MG___ (as I fondly call her) came to me live and in Technicolor and changed my life forever. She marks a turning point in my career as an artist. She comes to all who call on her with her silver book of profound dreams and memories guiding us on our soul-journeys with a nudge here, a pat there, or a ___I wouldn__™t if I were you___ where necessary.

I usually paint on the floor on all fours and started painting her face when that middle frame took on a life of its own, filling my whole studio with each fold of her flowing robes that shimmered___ wrapping me up with the most wonderfully loving energy that emanated from her robes of pure indigo and translucent white. I truly did not know what was going on with me and this painting. All I knew was I could not stop painting, so kept reaching for more sheets of paperstock I had nearby. She spans just a little over 6ft x 6ft. and looks as if she comes through the Georgian framed window of my studio. Now, looking back, I must have used my whole body to create this piece, cos by the time I was finished, I was spent, but not at all exhausted. Instead, I was totally energised.

She remains a useful meditation tool for lifting veils and blocks and if anyone would like the meditation, please let me know.

By the way, a couple of subsequent (more recent) pastel panels can be seen in the "Large Pastels" gallery on my site.




  jane parker ( homepage )

02/16/2009 * 13:57:56

i was stunned when i first saw ohs work.
her personal growth and developement shines out through these wonderful works of art.
the moon goddess particulary creates the violet and amethyst flame connection with spiritual identity. the meditation that goes with it i feel should be a part of the painting.
it expresses the intimate part of womans desire and her connection to earth but also connects this to her face which is shown to the outside world.
it shows her cloaking herself and and anyone emotionally connected to to her she offers love guidance and cycle to life . it is so amazing to find someone with such ability to create these feelings and visions and have the courage to express them and teach it to others. it is a treasure for life

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