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Oshilaja Hemsley

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She emerged whilst I was exploring acrylics which is a new medium for me. These are exciting times for those of us in the arts and healing business. At last after so much talk about arts and health, there are now practical demonstrations of the important role creativity plays in our wellbeing. Up and down the country there are special programmes that have expanded the range of venues for the arts. Programmes and projects that take various forms of the arts into hospitals, clinics, retreats, and businesses ranging from medium sized companies to huge corporations. There are also innovative GP/Artist referral programmes happening in cities like Bristol, London, Newcastle and Edinburgh… Continue reading… 0 comments

In submitting an article to a spiritual magazine, the question of what constitutes spiritual and healing art came up. And a quick browse on the web brought up the usual perceptions and presentations of humanoid angels, a very blonde Jesus Christ (who we know from historical facts that he could not have been fair skinned and blonde), airbrushed or Photoshopped dolphins, and Disneyesque ___stairways to heaven___. How did we get to subscribing to this Hollywood rendition of spiritual art? And why do we love to limit ourselves so, either through language or through perceptions. Has anyone thought that we could all be angels and we could all be carrying our own wings in various shapes and colour even though we can__™t see them? (Perhaps that__™s another article in itself… Continue reading… 1 comment

This painting was created in pure abstract expressionist tradition of facing a blank "canvas" (in my case, acid-free paper) and painting for the process, massaging the pastels into the paper, and allowing whatever needed to be expressed to surface. The result was colours of the season and colours that light up a symbolic christmas tree. Hallelujah! As soon as December days hit the 27th/28th, I feel the weight of this season__™s madness lifting and all around me is awashed with a new energy, making me keen and ready for the New Year and all the goodness I know it__™s going to bring. It__™s as if my whole body heaves a huge sigh of relief! I__™ve never understood Christmas… Continue reading… 1 comment

A summer solstice painting that came from a meditation. Pure indigo colours highlighted in pale lemon and white. The first time I did what I call a pastel panel was out of necessity more than creative experimentation. It was back in 1999 and around the time of the summer solstice. I simply ran out of paper, but ___MG___ (as I fondly call her) came to me live and in Technicolor and changed my life forever. She marks a turning point in my career as an artist. She comes to all who call on her with her silver book of profound dreams and memories guiding us on our soul-journeys with a nudge here, a pat there, or a ___I wouldn__™t if I were you___ where necessary… Continue reading… 1 comment