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Oshilaja Hemsley

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An abstract figurative piece that oozes sensuality. A pastel painting of two figures layered with blue, indigo, purple, dancing between sheets of magnolia and whispers of pale pink. It is a dance of the physical as well as a meeting of minds... intimacy on all levels. This is a painting that stimulates all our senses as it reflects energy in motion… Continue reading… 1 comment

A small painting that speaks volumes. An observation of our humanity, inspired by a 60 year old man throwing a tantrum. My favourite colour of indigo is present. Some people talk of being "blue with rage" but I don't see it that way... Rather, there is a lot of pathos in the composition, and indigo is the true colour of healing… Continue reading… 0 comments

An expression of how we use our whole bodies to communicate when we are fully conscious. This painting is an ode to my Witching-Hour. On restless nights usually around the time of a full moon, I__™ll stay up with a notebook or a sketchpad and just ___watch___ (and listen to) the creative ideas and visions that pop into my head at this time (usually between 1am and 4am). Sometimes, they are outrageous, but I__™ve learned not to discard anything immediately. Instead I do some freefall writing or drawing. This wonderfully ripe period is really about ditching egos and intellectual thinking and simply falling into the flow. For someone who__™s always been a ___why?-child___ it__™s taken years of practise to tune in to all my senses… Continue reading… 0 comments