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Oshilaja Hemsley About

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art." Leonardo da Vinci 8 comments


British painter Oshilaja Hemsley__™s work has evolved from a long Abstract Expressionist tradition of drawing on spiritualism, imagery and emotions from the sub-consciousness mind. Original and fearless, her work is steeped in the ancient craft of ___channelling___ thereby producing mesmerising and evocative paintings from expansive visions of consciousness. Through her paintings, we are shown a world of light, colour, symbols, and etheric forms. They embody the deepest Truths of our soul as it travels timelessly through the gamut of human emotion. The organic, biomorphic signature-traits of Oh's work constitute a visual language that is unique and specific to her expression, a language which maintains an intimate connection with her audience.

She says, ___I describe my paintings as "Emotional Landscapes"... I__™m inspired by our emotional dances and how we relate to each other on an energetic level. My paintings are narratives layered with colour and emotion, symbolic expressions of my travels and observations, and sometimes insightful studies of humanity and our body language. They are stories which celebrate this transformational process we call___Life__™.___

Oh has exhibited internationally and her shows include mixed and solo exhibitions in Lagos, Istanbul, London, Los Angeles, Miami and New York to name a few. Her paintings are also housed in corporate collections in Nigeria and Togo, and private collections in Nigeria, Kenya, the UK and the USA. A permanent showcase can also be seen in the award-winning restaurant and healing rooms at the Mount Haven Hotel in Cornwall (UK).

Inventories of her work are maintained in both the UK and the USA, and she works with a team of like-minded partners to get her art into appropriate spaces. Please email for more info or to arrange a private viewing.


Vale of Glamorgan. UK