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Riley Geddings About

Riley Geddings, Florida landscape artist. Paints natural Florida wilderness and Everglades scenes in oil and acrylic. Add Comment


Riley Geddings has been a professional Florida landscape artist for 28 years. He resides in

Carrollwood Village, Florida, U.S.A. and has resided in Florida for the majority of his life.

His style of painting has developed as an effort to express the importance of keeping the

Florida wilderness pristine !

Riley started delving into art at the age of 12, painting with watercolor, then in high school,

he studied art for two years under a great art teacher who saw his potential and gave him

top grades.

As a young adult, he studied oil painting under a noted art teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina.

For many years now, Riley has been self-teaching himself.

The fact that he lives here in this wonderful State of Florida, the natural beauty is endless and

the scenery provides perfect ideas and unlimited subject matter for his paintings. Most of his

work is inspired from actual scenes in Florida, mostly natural wilderness and the Florida Everglades.

He captures as much authenticity and realism as possible in his oil and acrylic paintings. He has

painted and sold hundreds of his original paintings and giclee prints of them.

He is featured on dozens of well-known international art and artist's internet web sites, and

during the past few years, Riley has become well known and is now one of Florida's emerging artists.

He has produced many commissioned projects for art lovers in the United States as well as the

United Kingdom and Spain. In addition, he has been involved in large commercial projects as

the exclusive artist !


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