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Riley Geddings Original Paintings

Florida Wilderness
  • Florida Wilderness
  • Oil Painting | 20" x 16" x 2"
  • Oil on artist board
  • Florida Wilderness" was completed in March, 2012 and is a work in oil using 100% knife ! This tropical scene displays a sun about to set deep in the Florida Everglades over a secluded wilderness pond, a haven for Florida wildlife. The clouds are many and varied, typical cumulus absorbing the beautiful colors of the sun and denotes fair weather ahead. The actual sky, a nice cerulean color, appears high and wide because of this flat land. Notice the pair of spoonbills flying over the pond, trying to decide where to land in the shallows in order to glean a few morsels of crustaceans. The mirror-calm pond of this lowland is a great reflections maker too. Out in the distance on the saw-grass plain, is an "island" of Florida foliage with three Cabbage, or Sabal palms reaching for the sky. As we turn our attention to the foreground, we notice subtle water reeds along the pond edge, and just to the right of a small bush, standing on a fallen dead tree, a stately heron is waiting for an unsuspecting fish to become its supper ! The large tree on the extreme left is of the live oak variety and is adorned with Spanish moss. This moss is not a parasite, as some think, but rather an air plant that will not harm the tree. The distant trees along the horizon are intentionally painted light, without much detail as to denote atmosphere in the tropical air. No brush has touched this painting, I have painted it using nothing but the knife. I certainly hope that you enjoy this unique painting as much as I did painting it ! Thank you for looking !
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