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Bonnie Thao About

Art must first be entered thru the mind and instantly sparks the desire to create which one sees, it takes passion and a desire to develop the foundation of an artist... Add Comment


My work reflects the art found in the bones of old objects and building structures. I search for color combination and unique character.

Wherever I walk I explore my surroundings in search for my next work of art. Whether it be a cracked wall painted so many times through its life or an old floor with chips in the brick and seeing the under layer.

My three loves that are in every painting; color, the past and nature.

I've been painting with acrylic for 15 years. I have always wanted to work with age, to actually feel the way it______?__?s creating. It brings me great joy and pleasure to see history captured and secured on a painting.

I've sold many abstract paintings off Ebay and am now using many different options on selling my work.

Thank you for your interest and support and feel free to find more of my work on my webpage link.


2503 elder ave sw
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