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Ted Hess Art Blog

Texas Artist Uses 3-D to Capture First Place Prize

by tedhess , May 14, 2010—12:00 AM

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San Antonio artist, Ted H. Hess, won first place in an oil painting category in the recent 2010 TASHA (Senior Citizens) state-wide art contest. His winning painting ___Light House at Port Arthur___ used 3-D techniques. Techniques include using carved balsa wood for the lighthouse, plaster of Paris for the rocks, and carved wood for the seagulls.

Ted__™s first 3-D painting was a staircase from an anti-bellum home in Nachez, Mississippi, after a vacation visit there. The staircase banister is a series of metal bands that give a 3-D effect:

Other paintings followed using wood, plaster of Paris, model grass and bushes. Ted moved from Arizona six years ago and is now a converted Texan. His painting subjects are now Texan in style and flavor. His previous Arizona subjects were desert landscapes and sunsets, but now his subjects are Texas cowboy hats, holsters, guns and boots On his art gallery website, he has a special gallery on ___Texas Happenings.___ Featured are scenes of Missions, The Alamo, and well as pistols, boots and cowboy hats.

He brings a contemporary style to his Texas paintings by using a more frontal view of subjects, with emphasis on focused lighting. His painting ___Blue Haze at the Alamo___ (below) won 1st prize in the 2007 TASHA ___Art is Ageless___ contest. Ted__™s paintings can be viewed in the River Art Gallery in La Villita Village (in San Antonio) and on web site Ted is a retired Air Force Officer and now resides at Air Force Village II, west of San Antonio. In AF Village II, Ted__™s paintings are showcased on several walls near the main entrances. Ted and his wife Joy are seasoned world-travelers but they both have been captivated by the Texas culture and they now consider San Antonio as home.



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