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Ted Barr Art Blog


by tedbarrpaintings , November 22, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Israel, abstract, art, deep space, galaxies, human forming, mixed media, oil paintings, painting, stars, tar, ted, ted barr

09/2001 old jaffa, Israel curator s. zafrir

04/2006 tel aviv fighters house, Israel curator s. kleinman

01/2007 neeman towers, tel aviv, Israel curator y. naor

05/2007 sokolov press house, tel aviv, Israel curator m. krimolovsky

09/2007 el-al airlines globus, tel aviv, Israel curator e. Drori

10/2007 old jaffa museum, old jaffa, israel curator n. Meirovitz

12/2007 istanbul art fair via nyarts Beijing curator t. nyego

01/2008 geological museum, r-h, Israel curator r. Sasporta

02/2008 cargo 21 gallery Paris, France curator d. polack

02/2008 horace richter gallery, old jaffa curator r. vaser

03/2008 gora gallery, montreal, canada curator b. gora

05/2008 hertzliya science center, israel curator v. genosar

06/2008 janice charach gallery, detroit curator d. Peleg

07/2008 passion center, palo alto, california curator l. Jacob

12/2008 fusionarts museum, new york curator d. Polack

05/2009 icogallery, new york curator s. Brumans

05/2009 valle real, guadalajara, mexico curator m. Wereka

05/2009 barr technique workshop, guadalajara

06/2009 venice bienalle, new york arts curator t. Nyego

07/2009 barr technique workshop. San Miguel, Mexico

09/2009 opening of de barr gallery

09/2009 chianciano museum exhibit and lecture curator m. gilardi

10/2009 gallery Dennis roman, Marseille, France curator e. Babylon

12/2009 gallery gebo, tel aviv, curator r. barbivay

06/2010 De Barr gallery curator for homage to Frida kahlo, 7 Mexican artists

06/2010 Passion university, Hayward, Ca, exhibit, lecture and workshop

10/2010 Beit Oren, Israel, workshop, exhibit and lecture, curator e. Feller

10/2010 Opera House, Tel Aviv, Israel, curator u. Rosenwein

11/2010 Ward Nasse gallery, SOHO, NYC, curator h. Nasse

02/2011 Ashkelon art center, curator, B. Zeichick

05/2011 Izmir bienalle, curator s. Urgun

06/2011 Igud R-H, curator Dr. s. Heller

08/2011 Daniel gallery, Tel Aviv. Israel, curator a. Cohen

09/2011 Burning man project and film, Nevada desert



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