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Tara Arnold About

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Tara is a mixed media artist who discovered her love for painting and sketching ten years ago. She is a self taught artist, with the exception of a few workshops. Her passion is in the creation of the art. It brings her to a meditative state in which she feels a strong connection to spirit. All of her work is guided by the divine and contains the energetic vibration of healing. This is how she chooses material and subject matter. Tara enjoys working with encaustic, charcoal, acrylic, and pastel. She loves the unknown outcome of mixing different mediums and textures. Her goal is to evoke an emotion, feeling or sensation from the viewer. Tara is drawn to trees and water and has an innate need to live surrounded by nature. The use of earth tones in her work reflects her connection to mother earth. She is most inspired by her husband, Mike, a writer and musician. He gives her continuous encouragement and support. Tara also works as a Natural Therapist and Energy Healer in Fredericton NB, Canada.


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