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Linda Gordon About

Photographer/Artist specializing in Equine art, Wildlife and Lanscapes Add Comment


For as long as I can remember, I have been awed by the beauty of nature and wildlife. Every day that I have spent exploring the natural world, has been an inspiration to me to take an active part in the preservation and conservation of nature.

My work with wildlife rehabilitation and equine rescue over the years has given me an incredible respect for the spirit and resiliency of wildlife and a greater awareness of the delicate balance of nature.

My greatest joy is to successfully capture the spirit of wildlife and nature, whether it is with a brush stroke, camera or a combination of the two. It is my hope that my images convey the vulnerability of the environment, appeal to the emotions of the observer, and make tangible the importance of conserving natural habitats of all creatures, great and small.

~ Linda Gordon

Linda Gordon__™s photography and paintings have earned several awards on both a national and international level.

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A Barrington Hills resident, Linda is also a full time volunteer with the Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection Society in Barrington Hills, Illinois, also working closely with other equine groups to help promote natural horsemanship and good animal husbandry.

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