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by Syte , October 6, 2009—10:22 PM

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Unlike most of our weekends we spent a great deal of this one at home, and unlike myself, I spent most of it cooking. I'm in no way a cook and I'd rather drink milk all day than spend a few minutes putting a decent meal together. Sad I know.. But for this weekend with Tsukimi on Saturday and my pre-planned arrangement to make a Japanese style breakfast along with cooking ichigo daifuku and pumpkin pie, it was a very satisfying weekend. And while I don't consider my cooking a form of art, I know there are tons of highly skilled chefs who make beautiful meals.. mine just aren't like that, I did find it very fulfilling. It's a similar feeling to wanting to get an image out of your head and finally doing it.

With our vacation coming up, so tomorrow is my last working day for the rest of the week, I'm very excited to be getting the chance to relax a bit even if we'll probably be busy. It won't be work related and that's the best part.

I am still planning to draw a picture for Tsukimi since it's just about the only idea for a drawing that I have at the moment... or at least the only one I'm definite about.. So hopefully here soon I'll be getting that out of my head.



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